And I’m off again

February 10, 2006

So, just after I get back, I’m heading off again. Going back down South for another month, most of which I’ll be spending in Happy Valley.

In the meantime, enjoy a press release that I wrote today:

Kiwi Spotted In Midland Park

Over 100 inflatable kiwi were released in Midland Park at 12 noon on Friday, February 10th by members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition (Wellington). The kiwi were then dragged away and moved by “Solid Energy miners”.

The release highlighted the plight of up to 145 kiwi that live in the Upper Waimangaroa Valley, on the West Coast of the South Island that are threatened by state owned enterprise Solid Energy’s plans to create open cast coal mines throughout the Valley.

Save Happy Valley Coalition (Wellington) spokesperson Timothy Bailey said “While the pain suffered by the inflatable kiwi may not have been real, the destruction that Solid Energy aims to wreak cannot be laughed off so easily.”

“The proposed Cypress Mine in Happy Valley must be stopped. The lives of Great spotted kiwi (roa), the Powelliphanta Patrickensis giant carnivorous land snail and a number of other rare and endangered species are at stake. Solid Energy’s poor environmental record belies their claims that they can be trusted to minimise the undeniable impact that their proposed mine will have.”

Members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition from all over the country are currently taking part in an occupation of the proposed mine site.


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