The Weather Connection

April 4, 2006

Living, as most of us do, in cities or large towns, we find ourselves almost entirely disconnected from the weather, and nature as a whole. Raining? Go inside. Too cold? Turn on the heater.

This only further serves capitalism – those of us who do not feel a part of nature are more likely to sit idly by as it is plundered and polluted in the pursuit of profit.

This alienation, like the interpersonal alienation which capitalism also fosters, can only be broken by direct opposition. We must reconnect ourselves with nature, realise that we are just one small part of a larger whole.

By removing our creature comforts, even if only temporarily, we can ride again on the whims of nature – getting wet when it rains, getting cold when the wind blows.

And then, working in tandem with nature rather than in opposition to it, we can begin to shelter ourselves from it.

Nature is a huge concept. If we see it as our enemy, we cannot hope to win, for if we destroy it, we too will die. If we see ourselves as simply a part of it, and work from that basis to get the results we desire without harm to the rest of the natural world, we will all be better off.


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