New Right – What A Joke!

June 29, 2006

Something I just wrote for Fight Dem Back!

Here at Fight Dem Back!, we pride ourselves on having up to date information on every Nazi group in Aotearoa and Australia.One group we have not profiled yet, however, is New Right. We haven’t bothered with them up until now for one simple reason – without exception, the members of New Right are amongst the most pathetic bunch of Nazis we have ever encountered.

New Right was formed in the wake of former fuhrer Kyle Chapman’s resignation from the New Zealand National Front. When Sid Wilson took over, the Wellington branch of the NZNF left en mass, owing to New Right head honcho Kerry Bolton’s hatred of the NZNF’s new dopehead alcoholic fuhrer.

New Right’s supporters are a handful of sad cases, many of whom will be familiar to Fight Dem Back! regulars.

George Walters

George Walters

George Walters is a man well known for FDB! and Punkas regulars. After a long period of being mocked on Punkas under the username “FASCISTA”, he moved on to being mocked on FDB! under the name “Ghost Of Stalingrad”. He has since continued posting on Punkas, now under the name STALIN.

In order to boost his credentials, George has also claimed (on Darpism) to have been a former South African policeman who enjoyed “hunting kaffirs”. In reality, George sees plenty of Maori and Polynesian people every day, in his job as a bus driver.

Isn’t it sad that a man of his age is seemingly so lost in a fantasy world?

Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen

Steve is an extremely paranoid Nazi from Alicetown, a small suburb near Upper Hutt.

Sporting tattoes up his arms, he could appear mildly intimidating to some at first. Once you realise, however, that he’s just another Nazi with a drinking problem, any such feelings are quickly erased.

Steve was formerly the “intelligence” officer for the NZNF, a role which he has continued in New Right. In other words, Steve is a lonely old man with nothing better to do than spend his time trawling the internet for information on “lefties” and “multiculturalists”. Considering how little he knows, perhaps it’s time for New Right to get someone new?

Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton, New Zealand’s favourite satanist Nazi nutter, is a person who has already been profiled numerous times on FDB!, so we won’t say anymore just now.

Instead, see our previous posts.

Kathy Thomson

Kathy Thomson is best known for complaining that she wasn’t allowed into an anti-racism meeting in Newtown, Wellington in 2004. We’re not sure why she complained – surely the partner of New Zealand’s longest running Nazi (Kerry Bolton) shouldn’t have any expectations of not being recognised. Still, to be going out with Kerry, Kathy must be delusional!

Melanie Short

Melanie, while not officially a member of New Right, is a steadfast supporter. She is best known to FDB’s after she was “outed” on Leftywatch as a rabid communist, which, of course, she is not.

In real life Melanie is known for rescuing Cale Olsen after he foolishly attacked several people at an anti-racist demonstration in Wellington in 2004.

Unknown New Right Member

Here at Fight Dem Back!, we aren’t afraid to show that there are a small amount of people in the Nazi scene that we just don’t know that much about. This guy is one of them.

He’s been involved in protests for the NZNF and now is one of the brave leafleteers of New Right. If you know anything about him, please let us know.

Campaign Against The Taser

June 28, 2006

My second post in a row that isn’t actually written by me. Doesn’t happen often on Anarchia, but the Campaign Against The Taser deserves support. They’ve put out a video about their campaign and the issues involved, so y’all should watch it!

For some reason the YouTube video doesn’t want to embed, so click here to watch it.

Salon Mazal threatened with closure

June 23, 2006

Via Orthodox Anarchist:

Founded in 2001, Salon Mazal is a social and political centre in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Salon is a library, infoshop, bookstore, fair trade grocer, and vegan cafe that supports activists working for political and social change, as well as being open and welcoming to the public.

The Salon is a unique and well-used venue for promoting alternative views and opinions, both through public meetings, study groups, film nights and the biggest collection of anti-occupation, anarchist, vegan and queer literature in the Middle East, most of which is unavailable elsewhere. The centre is also crucial as a safe space for political organising and an accessible way for Israelis to become more involved in these activities. We also have hundreds of international visitors each year who come to understand more and connect with alternative 'counter' culture in Israel.

The centre is the only autonomously-run social centre in Israel. It is entirely run by volunteers and by donation. It is well used and well-supported, with an active database with over 500 subscribers. Over the last five years, it has become a cultural institution – a vital resource for Israeli political culture. For more info see our English language website.

Salon Mazal is threatened with imminent closure unless we can raise 70,000 NIS (around $15,000) by the beginning of July. Until recently, the Salon was supported by a foundation, that has now shut down. Although we make some money through sales this is not enough to support us to pay central Tel Aviv rents.

Please consider donating whatever you can towards this vital resource.

For more information please email mazalsalon at yahoo dotcom. We would be really happy to hear from you.

Salon Mazal kicks arse. A true place of hope in such a fucked up area. Here's hoping it's still around next time I go back…and if anyone is feeling generous, there's donation details on their website (link above).

Vegetables discriminate?

June 22, 2006

The following letter to the editor was sent to me, and I thought I'd share it with you. It appeared in Saturday's issue of The Press, the daily newspaper in Christchurch.

Chicken or …

Having just flown with Air New Zealand and knowing that as a middle-aged male I would be segregated from anyone under 14, I settled in for the inflight movie and dinner. It was announced that dinner was a choice of chicken or vegetarian. Now that is not a choice. Chicken or beef is a choice.

The overwhelming preference on the plane was for chicken. The 50-plus passengers at the rear of the plane had no choice and some were unhappy.

I would sooner change my sexual preference than eat vegetarian, so declined my meal. A man became agitated and had to be subdued. I was thankful for pre-flight security checks as he looked less menacing waving a plastic spoon.

I urge like minds to request a special dietary meal – meat.

I almost don't know where to start with this one….it scares me that people like this can still exist. The idea that a meat eater can feel discriminated against in our overwhelmingly meat eating society is just ridiculous. The homophobia in "I would sooner change my sexual preferences than…", implying that the concept of sexual preferences other than the norm are so disgusting (although less so than eating vegetarian?!?) that they can be used as the extreme example of something this person does not want to do….

I'm not going to formulate a coherent response to this letter…instead, I'm just gonna sit here shaking my head that people like this still exist.

Rights vs. Liberation

June 19, 2006

The word rights is one we hear a lot in connection with politics, especially from those on the left. Human rights, women's rights, animal rights, worker's rights and so forth. But what exactly are these rights based on? In a world where language defines our society (rather than the other way around), we obviously need to be very careful with how we choose to speak.

"Rights" are not something which we take for ourselves, but rather things which are granted to us. In modern society, there seem to be two types of rights. One type is granted by the state, the other type is considered innate. I will explore these in turn.

State-Given Rights

As an anarchist, the irrelevance of state-given rights to me is clearly obvious, however, time and time again, I hear other anarchists referring to them. This seems to be especially prevelant amongst anarchists based in the USA, where anarchists are heard to complain when their "rights under the US constitution" are ignored, and in relation to war and imprisonment, such as the "rights under the Geneva convention" of the prisoners at places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Surely, as anarchists, we understand that states only grant concessions when forced to in order to quell dissent – the 8 hour day, the repealing of the Jim Crow laws, granting women and blacks the vote are all examples of this. And, as anarchists, we understand that even where the state is forced to grant concessions, it will usually try to bring the same results back in a more palatable form (the above 3 examples are all relevant here too). What was once de jure becomes de facto, and the state survives to oppress another day.

Why then, are we so surprised when state-given rights are violated? This is the norm, not the exception. In making the issue the violation of state-given rights, rather than state oppression, we allow the state to dictate the agenda, leaving ourselves eternally on the back foot. As long as we argue within a statist framework, we will remain trapped inside it.

Innate Rights

For activists concerned with them, issues such as human rights and animal rights are frequently regarded as innate inside the animal (whether human or not) they refer to. In our society, there is only one thing that is imagined to have the power to grant innate rights, and that is god.

The number of atheists who refer to these innate rights is bizarre. Innate rights assume a universal truth, a universal good and bad, which can only come from a higher being. As with state-given rights, discussing innate rights only serves to further entrench that which is normative, namely a belief in a higher power (god).

Liberation – An alternative view

An alternative to the rights-based view already exists and has a heavy usage within political circles – it is liberation. Unlike passively recieved rights, liberation requires active participation. It is not based on any universal truth. Liberation is bold, liberation confronts the oppressors, and, eventually, liberation can bring true freedom, not reliant on the framework of the oppressor or the belief that an ulimate authority will make things right.

Anarchia Issue 1 – May 2006

June 8, 2006

Today I finally printed the first issue of my zine, also titled Anarchia. You can download it below.

Download Anarchia Issue 1 – May 2006 (1.4MB .pdf file)

If you want a hard copy, it will be available either now or very soon from the following locations:

Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington – The Freedom Shop, shop 204b in Left Bank (off Cuba Mall).

Otautahi / Christchurch – Food Not Bombs stalls most Fridays 11-2 cnr Cashel and Colombo, and other random stalls and events.

Otepoti / Dunedin – Black Star Books, 2nd Floor, Regent Chambers, 18 The Octagon.

Melbourne – Barricade Books, inside Irene Community Arts Warehouse, 5 Pitt Street, Brunswick

More locations to come :)

If you know of anywhere else that might be interested in it, then feel free to print the .pdf above, or email for hard copies or more details.


June 6, 2006

New links:

AnarchoGeek, anticapitaliste, Life During Capitalism, The Maria Blog, Anti-Zionist Notes, Climate Indymedia

Visit 'em now!

Upcoming Posts:

Report from the Animal Rights Conference. I'm looking forward to it, and am speaking twice on Friday (a campaign update for Save Happy Valley in the morning, and a workshop together with someone from the Wellington Animal Rights Network on effective protest tactics in the afternoon).

I'm trying to write a piece on working as an anarchist in campaigns with a heavily liberal population (specifically the Happy Valley campaign). I've already written it 3 times now, but I can't seem to reach a conclusion and don't want to publish til I have…


I have finally finished the first issue of my zine, also entitled Anarchia. It'll be available for download (in PDF format) from here either late this week or early next week. It'll soon available in hardcopy (and the first 20 or so copies that I'm printing have colour front cover and are tied with string – pretty!) too, from The Freedom Shop in Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington, from Food Not Bombs stalls & film nights in Otautahi / Christchurch and Black Star Books in Otepoti / Dunedin.

If you know of an infoshop/radical bookshop that would be interested in some copies of the zine, email me at

The zine contains some articles published on here (generally edited/updated) and some new stuff. Yay!

New Years Trip

June 6, 2006

So, yesterday, I finally managed to get three things into the same place that had been eluding each other for quite some time – my camera, it's USB cable and a computer. So, I've now been able to get a whole lot of photos off my camera and onto here. Here's some from a trip I took with friends over New Years. We visited Pelorus, Motueka, Marahau (where we spent New Years eve) and a few spots in between. Thanks to all the great drivers that picked us up, especially the big yellow school bus – I still have the postcard you gave us.







Police Charge Christchurch Louise Nicholas Supporters

June 2, 2006

This was just sent out to the media…

Police in Christchurch have laid charges against two supporters of Louise Nicholas. Frances Martin and Daniel Rae, who both face a charge of breaching suppression orders, don't deny handing out fliers containing suppressed information but say their act was necessary after the justice system failed rape survivor Louise Nicholas.

The Police have also approached three Wellington women and are looking for two others in connection with handing out fliers.

"We are concerned that cases, such as the Louise Nicholas case, disadvantage the rape survivors in favor of the accused. A 'fair trial' should actually be fair if we're expected to have any faith in the legal system." said Martin. "We want victims to feel comfortable reporting rape crimes, and for them to know that rape is taken seriously by police and members of the public".

"While the information that Rickards, Schollum and Shipton all have another upcoming trial on sexual offending charges has now become public, there is still relevant information which will be hidden at this upcoming trial" said Rae.

Martin and Rae are both currently involved in organising a march in support of Louise Nicholas and to demand justice for all rape survivors to be held in Christchurch on June 24th.


Frances Martin and Daniel Rae were both involved in a Christchurch rally to support Louise Nicholas on April 6th in Cathedral Square.

Martin and Rae appear at the Christchurch District Court at 9am on June 21st . A rally will be held outside the court from 8:30am

The offence of breaching suppression orders does not carry a term of imprisonment but carries a fine of $1000.


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