New Right – What A Joke!

Something I just wrote for Fight Dem Back!

Here at Fight Dem Back!, we pride ourselves on having up to date information on every Nazi group in Aotearoa and Australia.One group we have not profiled yet, however, is New Right. We haven’t bothered with them up until now for one simple reason – without exception, the members of New Right are amongst the most pathetic bunch of Nazis we have ever encountered.

New Right was formed in the wake of former fuhrer Kyle Chapman’s resignation from the New Zealand National Front. When Sid Wilson took over, the Wellington branch of the NZNF left en mass, owing to New Right head honcho Kerry Bolton’s hatred of the NZNF’s new dopehead alcoholic fuhrer.

New Right’s supporters are a handful of sad cases, many of whom will be familiar to Fight Dem Back! regulars.

George Walters

George Walters

George Walters is a man well known for FDB! and Punkas regulars. After a long period of being mocked on Punkas under the username “FASCISTA”, he moved on to being mocked on FDB! under the name “Ghost Of Stalingrad”. He has since continued posting on Punkas, now under the name STALIN.

In order to boost his credentials, George has also claimed (on Darpism) to have been a former South African policeman who enjoyed “hunting kaffirs”. In reality, George sees plenty of Maori and Polynesian people every day, in his job as a bus driver.

Isn’t it sad that a man of his age is seemingly so lost in a fantasy world?

Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen

Steve is an extremely paranoid Nazi from Alicetown, a small suburb near Upper Hutt.

Sporting tattoes up his arms, he could appear mildly intimidating to some at first. Once you realise, however, that he’s just another Nazi with a drinking problem, any such feelings are quickly erased.

Steve was formerly the “intelligence” officer for the NZNF, a role which he has continued in New Right. In other words, Steve is a lonely old man with nothing better to do than spend his time trawling the internet for information on “lefties” and “multiculturalists”. Considering how little he knows, perhaps it’s time for New Right to get someone new?

Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton, New Zealand’s favourite satanist Nazi nutter, is a person who has already been profiled numerous times on FDB!, so we won’t say anymore just now.

Instead, see our previous posts.

Kathy Thomson

Kathy Thomson is best known for complaining that she wasn’t allowed into an anti-racism meeting in Newtown, Wellington in 2004. We’re not sure why she complained – surely the partner of New Zealand’s longest running Nazi (Kerry Bolton) shouldn’t have any expectations of not being recognised. Still, to be going out with Kerry, Kathy must be delusional!

Melanie Short

Melanie, while not officially a member of New Right, is a steadfast supporter. She is best known to FDB’s after she was “outed” on Leftywatch as a rabid communist, which, of course, she is not.

In real life Melanie is known for rescuing Cale Olsen after he foolishly attacked several people at an anti-racist demonstration in Wellington in 2004.

Unknown New Right Member

Here at Fight Dem Back!, we aren’t afraid to show that there are a small amount of people in the Nazi scene that we just don’t know that much about. This guy is one of them.

He’s been involved in protests for the NZNF and now is one of the brave leafleteers of New Right. If you know anything about him, please let us know.

One Response to New Right – What A Joke!

  1. Abdul el Razir says:

    Please, tell me three things wrong with fascism and ill give you $10…

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