Hidden Camera Found At Protest Site

Press release from the Save Happy Valley Coalition:

Hidden Camera Found At Protest Site


The Save Happy Valley Coalition has discovered several thousand dollars worth of spying equipment on public land, camouflaged near the start of the track into their occupation. The equipment, which included a camera with 27x optical zoom, over one hundred metres of cable, a hard drive and four dry cell batteries, was hidden in bush and would have been able to identify -in detail- every single person who joined and left the legal occupation, which has run for over eight months.

Solid Energy previously admitted to hiring Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited (TCIL) [1] after two TCIL employees were discovered spying on the campsite in February.

“Solid Energy has already invaded our privacy, by employing private investigators to hide out watching our camp. Now they are taking photos of people visiting the occupation. If Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited purchased or set up the camera, they are in breach of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act” [2] said Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson Frances Mountier.

“There is no justification for any employee or contractor of a company owned by the public of New Zealand to spy –with a hidden camera- on people camping on public land.”

“Solid Energy’s behaviour is nothing short of a disgrace. We have found this camera, but how many others have Solid Energy put out to surveil those who disagree with their policy? To ensure our safety, we demand Solid Energy guarantee that there are no further cameras or spying equipment targeted at members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition, and that they will not attempt underhanded tactics such as this at any time in the future.”

“The camera, hard drive and other equipment have been removed from their location and the owners are invited to call and arrange a time to pick it up.”



[1] Jo Thompson of Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited can be contacted on (09) 302 0113.

[2] The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974 states:

“Every person, who, in the course of or in connection with the business of a private investigator, -

(a) Takes or causes to be taken, or uses or accepts for use, any photograph, cinematographic picture, or videotape recording of another person; or

(b) By any mechanical device records or causes to be recorded the voice or speech of another person, – without the prior consent in writing of that other person, commits and offence [against this act]“

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10 Responses to Hidden Camera Found At Protest Site

  1. Dr. Cam says:

    So… do you have a bunch of new camera equipment now?

  2. Asher says:

    Solid Energy are attempting (quite badly) to deny they did it, so yeah, I guess so :P

  3. Kakariki says:

    Who the bloody hell else would put it there?

  4. George Darroch says:

    To be fair, there are other agencies who might have an interest surveiling the activities of activists…

    Anyway, Solid Energy can go to hell with their climate changing, snail and kiwi killing hole in the ground.

  5. @ndy says:

    Lucky they didn’t find the camera trained on the camera, eh?

  6. Abdul el Razir says:

    Ha! Privacy? If you wanted privacy you wouldnt take part in a protest that attracts attention to yourself. It makes you think.

  7. Abdul el Razir says:

    Aand you stole someones private property. Shame!

  8. Dr. Cam says:

    You are a very naughty boy, sir.

  9. Asher says:

    Wow, thats sheer artistic genius. Such a fine job you’ve done with editing that post, “jimbo”.

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