Police are honest, for once

“[the Police] are the coercive arm of the state that must be able to impose the will of the state on those who would thumb their noses at the laws, and we must have the power and ability to do that.”

That quote, showing surprising honesty, comes from Greg O’Connor, the Police Association President.

It comes in response to the Police’s trial of tasers, a weapon that has killed almost 200 people in the USA alone. Police Commissioner Howard Broad is now saying that if the current taser trial does not result in Police permanently getting these disgusting weapons, there are “strong forces” pushing for all cops to carry guns.

a Police Association conference that was told officers wanted to get in the face of criminals – and wanted liberals to get out of their way.

It’s comments like the above that make me wonder why people can still harbour any illusions whatsoever as to the role of the police – an inherently violent and oppressive force. The majority of Police violence and brutality occurs out of the eye of those Police supporting liberals – it is inflicted upon those who are already most discriminated against in our society. For liberals, it seems, ignorance is always bliss. Maybe comments like these will serve to wake them up, but somehow…I doubt it.

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3 Responses to Police are honest, for once

  1. Kakariki says:

    Heh, I’ve got photos of him smoking pot.

  2. George Darroch says:

    And when there’s a demonstration against rape and violence , the police turn up and try and harass and arrest the participants. A friend of mine there was surrounded by police officers and shouted at, and told he would be arrested at the next demonstration the officer saw him at… They can spare 20 officers and 8 cars, yet if you are a woman in Piha being stalked and scared for your life, you’ll be sent a taxi. Louise Nicholas, I believe you more than ever.




  3. Abdul el Razir says:

    there needs to be a strong presence from the police in order to crush any threat to modern democratic principles. I hope the taser is implemented fully and used against any who oppose the state

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