Wellington demo in solidarity with people of Oaxaca

Around a dozen people went to the Mexican embassy in Wellington on Monday 30th October to express their disgust at the murder of four people in Oaxaca over the weekend and the continuing repression targeted at the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).


The dozen people taped a poster reading “MURDER, RAPE, TORTURE ON YOUR CONSCIENCE” to the glass door of the Embassy, made lots of noise with drums and demanded to get inside, but the Embassy staff kept the doors locked and all but two remained in the lobby.

As those in the lobby decided to leave, the two people inside the embassy attempted to join them, but embassy staff refused to unlock the door until Police arrived.

Around 10 police officers then proceeded to take the details of the two activists inside the embassy and one who had remained in the lobby (a Mexican citizen), before issuing them with verbal trespass notices effective for two years and allowing them to leave.


For more, see Aotearoa Indymedia or Global Indymedia. Or join irc.indymedia.org channel #radioappo for live translation of the APPO radio station broadcasting from Oaxaca.

4 Responses to Wellington demo in solidarity with people of Oaxaca

  1. KyleNZ says:

    Do you ever protest when Isreal murders arab children and destroys their homes? Do you ever even care if Arabs are killed by Isreal? I have seen pictures of Babies killed by Isreali soldiers, does that matter to you?

  2. Sabate says:

    kyle you muppet.
    if you had been paying attention you would have noticed that asher is anti zionist. click on the Israel/Palestine category in this blog and read for yourself.
    I personally have seen him at every anti Israeli demo I have been on in recent years unlike you and your fascist mates (and no that is not an invitation)
    crawl back into your hole fatboy

  3. Asher says:

    Now that the lovely Sabate has been blunt, I’ll try to be a bit more simple, coz I know you aren’t the smartest tool in the shed, dear Kyle.

    On this website, there is a category labelled Israel/Palestine. It contains, unsurprisingly, all the stuff on this blog to do with Israel and/or Palestine. You can view this category at http://anarchia.wordpress.com/tag/israelpalestine/

    Lets have a look at some of the recent posts.

    We have:

    1) A post about a speech I gave detailing grassroots Israeli resistance to the occupation/Zionism

    2) A post making clear the distinction between Zionism and Judaism (something you and your fascist mates could do with reading)

    3) A post advertising the teach-in mentioned in 1)

    4) An article for a zine called Intifada, discussing how the radical left can oppose Israel without supporting reactionary groups such as Hezbollah

    5) A post detailing the formation of Aotearoa Jews For Justice, a group which I helped found that does Palestine solidarity work.

    In short, Kyle, you’re either blind or an idiot. And I’m pretty sure you aren’t blind. Now fuck off.

  4. yuda says:

    Some people just don’t change eh?

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