Congrats to Kakariki on the new baby!

I promised Kakariki that I’d do an announcement when her baby was born, so here it is. Just got a text saying a happy healthy baby girl was born at 4:59am this morning. Wicked! Huge congrats to the parents :)

In other news, Waitangi Day has come and gone, so in the spirit of that, here’s a movie well worth watching. Tuhoe – A history of resistance. Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.

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8 Responses to Congrats to Kakariki on the new baby!

  1. Congrats Kakariki! Huge grins and hugs!

  2. jo says:

    Other news on the baby, care of insultadarity She is a massive 11 pounds, Woah! what a beauty pepi!

  3. peterquixote says:

    i can just imagine,

  4. belt says:

    I once was a guest of Tuhoe for 4 days as part of a quasi-governmental group, and found that by politely //asking// to be able to walk their lands, they were the most gracious hosts. This was a few years ago. Apparently we were the first, ever, to bother //asking//. As a result we received an official welcome, a warm welcome, and everyone was happy. Result: we still did what we came to do (which we could have done without asking under current law), we showed them some respect, and in return they were happy and hospitable people.

    Amazing eh? Fancy that.

  5. kakariki says:

    Thanks Uncle Asher!

    BTW, it’s 8 pound 11, not 11 pound..

  6. sparx says:

    congrats again k – apologies & opps for the whole 11 pounds misposting thing… god, can’t even think about it… hope u & new sis are doing well!

  7. jo says:

    yeah sorry too! can’t wait to c pic’s. babies always make me fluffy inside.

  8. Span says:

    that is so cool kakariki – congrats! So stoked for you :-)

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