Spies exposed in local activist groups

The Christchurch Save Happy Valley (SHV) group, the Wellington Animal Rights Network (WARN) and Peace Action Wellington (PAW) have exposed corporate spies operating within their groups. In Christchurch, Ryan had been involved in the group for 7 months, while in Wellington Somali had been spying for around 2 years.


The pair were employed by Thompson & Clark Private Investigations Limited, an Auckland firm that specialises in “covert physical and electronic surveillance” and “political activism”. In Ryan’s case, the money came from Solid Energy, while in Somali’s, it was likely to be the NZ Biotech Industry for WARN and the NZ Defence Industry Association for PAW.

Frances Mountier, spokesperson for SHV Christchurch, said “It is shocking that a state owned enterprise would use such insidious and underhand tactics to undermine the public debate on climate change”.


“Thompson & Clark are a leech-like company, feeding off political groups while making sure not to kill their main source of income” stated WARN spokesperson Mark Eden. “Companies that abuse animals like to keep their practices their dirty little secret, and it seems they will sink to any low to keep it that way.”

Peace Action Wellington has expressed solidarity with the other groups. “This corporate infiltration and spying combined with the spying and violence of the police is part and parcel of speaking out in this so called “democratic” State. We wish to extend our solidarity towards those other groups infiltrated seeking to do the same”.

The Save Happy Valley Coalition has previously exposed Thompson & Clark on two occassions – in February 2006, people at the Happy Valley occupation came accross two T&C spies on a ridgeline overlooking the campsite, while in September 2006 a camera with a powerful zoom lens was discovered at the start of the track into the Valley.

Press Releases: Peace Action Wellington | Save Happy Valley Coalition

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10 Responses to Spies exposed in local activist groups

  1. John says:

    Good luck to you all, hope this doesnt harm the activist movement. Kia Kaha it is at times like this we most need to support each other.

  2. [...] Ryan was found out when an private email that he was forwarding to his employers bounced. This alerted the SHV core group to his alliance with the Private Investigations firm. links Anarchia [...]

  3. Darren says:

    When we clowned up to demonstrate outside of a certain house last year, the police turned up. The occupants of three cars were arrested, except for the car that I was in, which contained Somali. Until now I wondered why the people in our car were not arrested, as the cops definitely saw us and we were more vulnerable than the occupants of two of the other cars. Somali seemed to be genuinely shocked when the arrests were occurring. I hope she saved the money she was paid for becoming a corporate whore and selling out the people who called her ‘friend’.

  4. @ndy says:

    Solid Energy would not acknowledge yesterday that a spy was used, but Dr Elder said the company would do whatever it deemed appropriate to protect the business. “None of this should come as any surprise. It’s what businesses do.” ~ ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’, NZ Herald, May 28

    Never a truer word was spoken. And given bipartisan support for an expanded uranium mining industry in Australia, I think we can safely assume many more Ryan’s and Somali’s will be crawling out from under their rocks in the not-too-distant future. Still, the campaign to save Happy Valley from ruination is obviously proving to be quite effective — congratulations to all concerned! Oh, and spies obviously need a union too: $100 a day for selling one’s soul is a deadset bargain!



  5. 1888 says:

    Theres still a few spies inside youre various organisations Asher.You need to get the ol KGB active and find em.Instead of sitting around on their asses smoken dope and getten pissed.

  6. Like John said, regards to you and all the SHV crew and those who’ve been affected by this. Support to you all.

  7. kakariki says:


    Pretty cool job though. If you’re gonna be a corporate whore, going to protests and being a part of street theatre actions is a great way to do it. Oh but then there’s meetings…

    Seriously though, on ya for figuring it out and outing the bastards.

  8. make/shift says:

    So these people caused activists to get arrested and face monetary fines? Perhaps you guys should give them a taste of their own medicine…

  9. anarkaytie says:

    This thing is gettting so sickening – the best we can do is to keep acting on our beliefs; those who don’t share core ethics will always show themselves to be untrustworthy, eventually.

    revenge is a dish best served up cold….

    Don’t let others’ lack of ethics keep us from direct action.

  10. Mr G says:

    Somali Young (law student at Victoria University) may think she has avoided public attention so far but in the long term she is in much bigger poo than Ryan (who at least had the guts to admit he was a corporate whore).
    Somali worked for the arms manufacturers and vivisectors and she has as much blood on her hands as they do. she will never work as a lawyer in NZ or Australia now and her legal problems are only just beginning . .

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