Spied on group demands resignation at tear filled meeting

Spied on group demands resignation at tear filled meeting

The Christchurch Save Happy Valley group met Tuesday night with Ryan, the infiltrator hired by Thompson & Clark Investigations to gather information for state owned enterprise Solid Energy. The Save Happy Valley Coalition is today reiterating its demand for the resignation of CEO Don Elder for engaging in devious, underhanded and illegal practices.

“It was an intense discussion last night, with Ryan and many members of our group in tears. We conveyed to Ryan that while we were deeply disappointed and hurt by his behaviour, we understood that he was merely a small player in Don Elder’s deplorable game,” said Coalition spokesperson Frances Mountier, “Despite both Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard labelling his practices ‘totally unacceptable’, Elder continues to defend Thompson & Clark hiring unregistered private investigators to spy on our group, an immoral act that is also a clear breach of the law.”

“As the head of New Zealand’s most environmentally destructive SOE, Elder is responsible for mining coal which, when burnt, will result in carbon emissions equivalent to New Zealand’s entire transport fleet, for driving a native species to extinction and now for employing some of the most insidious practices ever seen by an SOE,” said Ms Mountier.

“If Elder does not offer his resignation, it must be demanded by the Board at their next meeting. A new CEO must immediately give an assurance that they will not hire private investigators to spy on us or any other group,” said Ms Mountier.

“We are more determined than ever to see this campaign through to victory. Up against all the odds, Happy Valley is still safe and it’s resident Great spotted kiwi / Roa, Western Weka and other native species remain protected in their homes. Happy Valley will be saved, and New Zealand will make a socially just and environmentally sustainable transition away from coal. Nothing – not Don Elder, not spies, not political interference – can stand in our way,” said Ms Mountier.


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2 Responses to Spied on group demands resignation at tear filled meeting

  1. Lucid Glow says:

    Coal is bad. So are corporations. Replacing the board of any such device won’t change anything. It will be emotionally satisfying, though.

  2. lynx says:

    good luck with your campaign, though i agree with the previous commenter that forcing a ceo to resign probably won’t solve the root problems. it’d set a good example though to have the bastard lose his job.

    as fer spies, i dunno, maybe i’m just cynical. in the states anyone who’s involved in activist work should pretty much just assume that their phones are tapped and that any organization they work with will contain infiltrators and informants. it’s just kind of part of the thing…. lots of no fun in any case.

    good luck to ye’s, coal is filthy, shut that shit down!

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