Radical mental health zine

The Sydney Icarus Project, a radical mental health group thats recently started, have put out a great little zine, titled Anarchia – no relation to me/this blog though.

It can be downloaded by clicking here – well worth a read.

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3 Responses to Radical mental health zine

  1. lunAcy says:

    Please Send Zines to our on line disto…

  2. deparanoia says:

    Hey Anarchia,

    I think the work that your doing is great even though I’m not an anarchist. I’m glad that you’ve been posting on the US site. I was just wondering if you had any idea or if anyone else you’ve been in contact with has any knowledge of why the Icarus website in the US is down. I went to the Sydney one because I couldn’t go anywhere else and found your name on it. Just wondering wtf is going on.


  3. Asher says:

    Hey Juan,

    Icarus is back up for me, so maybe try again? It was moving servers, I think, which was why it was down for a while.

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