Save Happy Valley Coalition support striking miners

Further to my post the other day:

Save Happy Valley Coalition support striking miners
Monday 2 July 2007
Press Release: Save Happy Valley Coalition

The Save Happy Valley Coalition is expressing its solidarity with over 800 miners currently engaged in industrial action after negotiations for their MECA (multi-employer contract agreement) have thus far failed to achieve their demands of a 5 – 5.5% pay rise.

“These miners have a difficult job, and the refusal of a decent pay increase by Solid Energy and mining contractors is nothing short of a disgrace” stated Frances Mountier, Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson. “Solid Energy are even refusing to negotiate alongside the contractors, in what appears to be an attempt to thwart the collective agreement.”

“The childish behaviour of Solid Energy in refusing to transport workers to the Spring Creek mine during hazardous weather conditions shows that their main interest is in maximising profit rather than creating safe working conditions. When CEO Don Elder earns over $670,000 a year, there is no excuse to deny the workers the pay rise they deserve”

“We extend our full solidarity and support to the miners in their struggle for decent pay and working conditions.”


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5 Responses to Save Happy Valley Coalition support striking miners

  1. fascist wanker says:

    Didnt see at the high court,scared eh ?

  2. Asher says:

    Or, perhaps, unlike you, I’ve got better things to do with my time than sit outside court?

  3. chomski says:

    The left lie in the depths of blissful ignorance of the firestorm gathering about them.

  4. frank-0 says:

    ..and the far right deleude themselves with their own masterbational fantasies of grandure

  5. ben says:

    Is there a number for me to donate money to Spotless? I’d take the market wage as a benchmark for “fair” over the word of a union official any day of the week.

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