Stop the Terror Laws! Free our Friends!

Friday morning saw around 100 friends and family of the prisoners gathered outside Auckland District Court to show their support and solidarity with the five prisoners due for a bail hearing [ Photos ]. Name supression on at least 1 prisoner was lifted, but interim supression has been granted until an appeal by their lawyer can be heard. 3 others had name supression extended, for now at least. The 5th can be named as Rawiri Iti, who is a nephew of Tame Iti. All remain in custody.

Approximately 150 supporters gathered at the Wellington District Court in solidarity with 4 prisoners due for a bail hearing there. The court was closed, meaning supporters were not allowed to attend. All four Wellington arrestees have been denied bail, and are being moved to Auckland to face their future hearings up there.

In Whakatane, up to 1500 people marched in protest against the Police blockade of Ruatoki and Taneatua on Monday and their treatment of the people of Tuhoe country.

Stand in solidarity!

  • Everywhere: Any letters emailed to lettersforprisoners[at]riseup[dot]net will printed out and distributed to arrestees. Obviously don’t write anything that could negatively impact on you or anyone else! You can also write directly to the Wellington prisoners. [ Wgtn prisoner contact info ].
  • Auckland: Demonstration Saturday at 12 noon meeting in Aotea Square. Saturday evening there is a fundraising film screening. [ Film Screening Info ]
  • Lower Kaimai: A weekend has been organised to discuss and organise in solidarity with the arrestees [ Callout ].
  • Wellington: A range of solidarity events have been organised in the coming days. [ List of upcoming solidarity events ].
  • Christchurch: A solidarity rally and march will be held in Cathedral Square at 12noon on Saturday. [ Poster ]
  • Dunedin: A rally against police intimidation of political activists will be held at 12 noon, Saturday 20th outside the Albany St Labour Party office
  • Sydney, Australia: Public meeting & demonstration on Thursday October 25th, 5:30pm outside NZ Consulate-General, 55 Hunter St, Sydney
  • Melbourne, Australia: A solidarity demonstration will be held Saturday 27th in Federation Square, 12noon.

At this stage, donations can be made to a defence fund organised by Global Peace & Justice Auckland. Identify the donation as being for the defence fund. 38-9000-0099726-00 GLOBAL PEACE & JUSTICE AKLD.

National Day Of Action – Saturday 27th Oct, 12 noon

The Auckland defence committee has called out for a national day of action in solidarity with the arrestees for Saturday 27th October at 12 noon. Organise an event in your centre now, and post the details here at Aotearoa Indymedia.

The following message comes from one of the Wellington prisoners:

“Thanks so much for all the love and support and solidarity we’ve received from people in Aotearoa and the world! Conditions have improved: I finally received vegetarian meals and we can now ring our lawyers. We also got visitors, books, magazines, newspapers, and mail today which makes all this a bit more bearable. (I’m reading the Graphic History of the I.W.W and some Bell Hooks) The Solidarity has been really amazing with support from around the world, protests in Australia (I saw a photo of the Melbourne rally in the papers and Sina Brown-Davies gets quoted saying “We must remember that the ones who are terrorists are those who came to Australia and Aotearoa and committed genocide”) and Aotearoa. If we dont reply to letters or emails, then it is probably because we dont have pen, papers or envelopes which are tricky to get hold of at the moment.”


5:48pm Friday – News just to hand – All four Wellington arrestees have been denied bail, and are being moved to Auckland to face their future hearings up there.

6:14pm – Of the 5 arrestees in the Auckland District Court today, 4 had name supression extended, for now at least. The 5th can be named as Rawiri Iti, who is a nephew of Tame Iti. All remain in custody.

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4 Responses to Stop the Terror Laws! Free our Friends!

  1. LAMA says:

    Llama Alpaca Militant Alliance (LAMA)
    Revolutionary Communique #898742


    The Central Revolutionary Command Committee of the LAMA hereby announces its intention to oppose the actions of the Human-Sheep-Dictatorship by freeing the imprisoned comrades.

    This action will take the form of a giant wooden llama being wheeled to the gate of the prison as a supposed present. Once the guards have been taken by surprise and wheel the large imitation camelid inside, its nostrils will open and the guards will be snorted upon with copious quantities of camelid mucus, thus immobilising them and allowing the imprisoned comrades to escape.

    The giant llama will then open its belly to take the comrades onboard and fly into the sky, landing in the autonomous region controlled by LAMA, where the comrades will find sanctuary and freedom.

    Hurrah for LAMA!


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  3. Eugenie says:

    Hi Asher, could you please add this to the Stand In Solidarity list of events: March / rally in Whanganui at 12 noon on Saturday, 27 October. Meet at the River Traders Market on Moutoa Quay (behind Taupo Quay). Bring banners and some thing to make a noise with! We will be marching to the police station. For more information contact Anne-Marie on 021-2424336.

    Thanks Asher.

  4. Asher says:

    Cheers Eugenie, it’s now on the events list @ Indymedia. It’d be great if you could post a report (and even photos) of it after its done! Hope it goes well.

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