Police apply to lay charges under Terrorism Supression Act

The Police have just announced they’ve applied to the Solicitor General to lay charges under the Terrorism Supression Act. Bastards.

There will be a protest in Auckland this Saturday at the Labour Party Conference, at the Bruce Mason Theatre on the North Shore. More details to follow!


6:22pm – The Wellington High Court has transferred the bail applications of the four Wellington prisoners (who are now all in Auckland prisons) to the Auckland High Court [ Press release from Michael Bott, lawyer for a Wellington prisoner ]. Tame Iti will have a bail application heard on November 7th in the Rotorua High Court.

Two of the Wellington prisoners are due to appear in the Wellington District Court on Tuesday for a depositions hearing on an unrelated charge. It is unclear as to whether this will go ahead.

Tuesday, 11:38am – The two Wellington prisoners were not returned from Auckland for their hearing on unrelated charges this morning – one of the two charges they (and others) were facing was dropped, and they will be back in court to set a date for the remaining charge on November 19th at 10am.

A solidarity demonstration was held in Mexicali, Mexico. A group of anarchists flew a Tino Rangatiratanga flag and handed out flyers. [ Report + Photo ]

One Response to Police apply to lay charges under Terrorism Supression Act

  1. moz says:

    The article below is interesting – p*lice somehow managed to arrest and charge a heavily armed criminal without needing the anti-terrorism act and without shutting down half of Christchurch while they searched everyone. Not only that, but they’re telling the bought media why they did it and what evidence they have. The article emphasises that most of the weapons are “historical” but somehow the guy needed ammunition and the media are not asking what for.


    He is charged with receiving 35 pistols, seven shotguns, two rifles, and assorted ammunition – worth a total value of $48,700 – from an unknown person, knowing that they had been stolen. He is also charged with receiving a stolen police radio worth $4000.

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