Some things never change…

October 14, 2007

The President can commit the country to war without much consultation with the legislative branch of government. He seems to sanguinely pass judgement of innocent and guilt in his public remarks on matters currently under consideration by a jury

To be sure, the congress has not been dissolved. At this writing, the supreme court is still meeting to decide vital questions of constitutional law. But the autonomy of the two branches of government seems to be in question. The executive branch, acting in behalf of the ruling class, but often without their consent, seems to suffer the supreme arrogance of power. Senators are reduced to delivering feeble whining protests against this concentration of power.

One might think that these words were written about George W Bush. Rather, I got them from a pamphlet I’m currently reading, called Honor America – The nature of fascism, historic struggles against it and a strategy for today by Stanley Aronowitz. It was released in 1970.

Some things never change, eh?

Holy shit.

October 13, 2007

This blog is generally restricted to political posts, and I mostly try to avoid posting really random shit. But, I do have a random category, and every now and then I see something that demands posting.

It might be the fact that it’s 3:25am, and I haven’t had much sleep lately, but this video is amazing. Go watch it now.

Book launch: Rabble Rousers & Merry Pranksters

October 6, 2007

Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters: A History of Anarchism in Aotearoa/New Zealand from the mid-1950s to the early 1980s.
By Toby Boraman.

Tuesday 9 October 6-9pm
Otautahi Social Centre – 206 Barbadoes St. (old Corso building, near corner of Barbadoes and Tuam)

Saturday 13 October 7-9pm
The Freedom Shop/Oblong Internet Café – Left Bank Arcade off Cuba Mall, Cuba St.

To be announced, sometime in November.

Free food and drink will be provided at all the launches. Bring your friends and family. All welcome (regardless of your opinion of anarchism!)

Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters captures some of the imagination, the audacity, the laughs and the wildness that animated many of the social movements of the sixties and seventies in Aotearoa/New Zealand. If you’re curious about the tumultuous protests and the freedom-loving movements of the sixties and seventies, then this is the book for you!

Read more about the book at Aotearoa Indymedia.

To read an excerpt from the book, go to (website is under construction)

Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters is jointly published by Katipo Books (web:, e-mail: info [at] katipo [dot] net [dot] nz) and Irrecuperable Press (e-mail: irrecuperablepress [at] gmail [dot] com).

If you can’t make the book launch, the book can be purchased online at and through Irrecuperable Press by post — and hopefully in some disreputable bookstores — after the book has been launched. Pre-release orders are welcome; e-mail the addresses above.

Our World Is Not For Sale protest video

October 3, 2007

If you don’t see the embedded video below, click here.


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