Aotearoa Indymedia needs your help!

Aotearoa Indymedia aims to be a space where people feel inspired to read, write and comment on news and events happening across Aotearoa (and the rest of the world). In order to fulfill this aim, the Aotearoa Indymedia Editorial Collective is empowered to enact the Editorial Policy, which mainly means hiding spam, abusive and duplicate posts and comments and cleaning up the newswire (ie – via moving local posts from the elsewhere newswire if they are posted in the wrong place, or fixing up the formatting of posts when requested by the author).

The Editorial Collective also writes most of the feature articles (the ones in the centre column, like this), sometimes from scratch and sometimes via collating articles from the newswire (or a mix of both!)

Prior to the Police raids of October 15th, the editorial collective had three main editors – all had been editing for some time and so were experienced with what needs to be done. These three did much of the work on Aotearoa Indymedia, helped by the rest of the editorial collective (some of whom have less-regular internet access, others of whom are new, still others who have many projects they are involved in for whom Indymedia takes a low priority). During the raids, two out of those three editors were arrested, and both are currently being held in Auckland Central Remand Prison. As the only one of those three left, I have endeavoured (with help!) to keep Aotearoa Indymedia as up to date as possible with information on the raids and protests, but there are limits to how much an increasingly small collective can do.

Now, perhaps more than ever since Aotearoa Indymedia began, we need your help. If you are interested in taking an active role in the Aotearoa Indymedia Editorial Collective, then please email imc-aotearoa-ed (at) The process for joining the Collective can be read here.

If you spot a duplicate, spam, troll or abusive post, please DO NOT reply to it, but rather email imc-aotearoa-ed (at) with the URL and the reason you think it should be hidden, and I or one of the other editors will attend to it as soon as possible. You can also frequently find some of us on the global Indymedia IRC server, which is also being used as a regular updating space on the current raids/hearings for Indymedia folks from all over the world.

In solidarity,
Asher, (Aotearoa Indymedia Editorial Collective)

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4 Responses to Aotearoa Indymedia needs your help!

  1. Moz says:

    You poor b’stard, I really feel for you. That’s a heap of work. You’re also forgiven for my mental “where is the man, why isn’t he updating his blog so I know what’s going on” whining noises :)

    Good luck, and I’m sorry I can’t really help, we have an election to spoil. I mean “run”. Yes. That’s what I mean. “run”.

  2. weka says:

    Thank-you so much for all your good work. I hope you get some assistance soon.

  3. anarkaytie says:

    Trolls, especially neo-nazi facist scum, should go away and die.

    Anti-fa, anarcha-femme posse supports Asher, so watch out, we’re about.
    Just because my Doc’s are a smaller size than yours, doesn’t make it harder for me to find your fat arse with them if you come anywhere near me.

    These have been some of the hardest weeks of my activist life, and facist scum posting hate speech here, at this time, is pushing my usual ethical restraints to the limit.
    Sorry if this isn’t ‘helping’, in the usual sense of the word, Asher, but that tosser was the last straw to my camelback!

    I’m talking to (w)indy meeting this week, I may be trained up soon enough to take some pressure off. Arohanui, L’chaim, xXXx

  4. Thanks a million for all the work you’ve been doing, you are very greatly appreciated. I’m juggling too many things to be of any real use, but you have my support and respect.

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