One good thing, two bad…

The one good, two bad theory is one I’ve heard a lot lately – that, in regards to the recent cop raids, we’d hear one good piece of news in the morning (ie – someone getting bail) which would get us excited, only to be followed by two bad bits in the afternoon (ie – someone being refused bail, or the Welly prisoners being moved to Auckland).

That theory went up in flames when on the same day we heard good news all afternoon – that no charges would be laid under the Terrorism Supression Act, that the remaining 3 Welly prisoners would get bail unopposed the next day, and everyone else would be out not long after…

Still, it seems the good news had to be followed with some bad, and after joining the hikoi in Wellington on Wednesday, and meeting some wicked Tuhoe crew, it was about time for some bad news…

It came when I checked my email earlier – a friend of mine, an anarchist from here in Aotearoa, was arrested on arrival at Sydney airport en route to Europe on charges stemming from the protest against the G20 Summit in Melbourne in November last year. He’s currently awaiting an extradition hearing to Victoria from New South Wales on Monday. All my love and solidarity to him!

26 people have been arrested over G20 charges, with a total of 246 charges laid. Check out the After G20 website for details on the support campaign for all of those arrested.

Hat tip: SlackBastard

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