Otautahi / Christchurch benefit gig for Operation 8 arrestees

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4 Responses to Otautahi / Christchurch benefit gig for Operation 8 arrestees

  1. jo says:

    yay! can’t wait! it’ll be a great nite, do u wanna babysit? just joking I’ll ask Anna-Claire instead… ;-)

  2. Anna-Claire says:

    Sorry, I’ll be busy driving my car up and down colombo, waxing my bikini line and writing fan mail to Jim Anderton. Can’t we just bring the little munchkins along, I think they’d like it.
    Big love to those organising event, esp those in police custody at mo (Is there connection or am I paranoid? possibly both)
    will no doubt be great night out,
    Peace, lovelove,

  3. jo says:

    No, I don’t think so! They both go to bed at 7pm and sacha would sit there with his hands over his ears saying “too noisy mummy, too noisy.” Being one of those kids who was dragged along by my hippy party loving parents to everything and having no choice but to spend evenings in car parks and bars, I can say it’s really not the place for children. It’s no fun being so little when everyone else is so big and drunk.

    It’s okay though A-C I wasn’t actually going to ask u (it was a joke ;-) I’ll get my neice too, she is also too young for pubs.

  4. @ndy says:

    completely ott…

    bah humbug. my home at anarchobase has been withdrawn as a result of legal threats being made against me by the litigious folks at mathaba.net. you can read the offending post at my new/old blog. i’ll be back with a new blog addy by the end of the week, but in the meantime, some publicity would be nice…



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