Travelling the world, Imminent Rebellion 9

This post starts with Imminent Rebellion 9, out now from Rebel Press. It contains an article by me (which is a few posts below on this blog), and some other great (and, some not so great, but thats the minority) writing from anarchists from across Aotearoa. You can download or order it from the Rebel Press website. The design is fantastic too. Here’s hoping Issue 10 maintains the very high standards that’ve been set by this one :)

Observant readers will notice posting has been even thinner than normal on the ground recently. That’s because I’m no longer in Aotearoa / New Zealand, having flown to the other side of the planet for a while. Currently, I’m in Glasgow (and contrary to the stereotypes, it’s sunny! So was Manchester. Brilliant!)

Anyway, one of the things I’m doing while travelling around is interviewing a range of class-struggle anarchists. When I get back to Aotearoa, I’ll be editing it into a full length doco. Fun fun fun. The other night I did an hour long interview with Ben Franks, author of Rebel Alliances: The Means and Ends of British Anarchisms, published in 2006 by AK Press,

I do hope to post a bit more frequently as I travel, but obviously that’ll depend on internet access, and how busy I am.

The trip started in Manchester, where I attended (extremely jetlagged) the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair. Several hundred people in a hall, plenty of stalls from political groups and book/zine distros and 3 workshops. I ran one of the workshops, a history of anarchism in Aotearoa / New Zealand and the Operation 8 raids. There was a decent turnout and it was pretty enjoyable, with some quality question/answer time at the end.

It’s been really good meeting anarchists from the various groups over here – I’ve had some great discussions with members of the Anarchist Federation (an anarchist-communist group) in particular, but I’ve also met people from Solidarity Federation (anarcho-syndicalist), Praxis (Glasgow platformist anarchist-communists) and the Workers Solidarity Movement (Irish platformist anarchist-communist), plus a variety of other unaffiliated individuals.

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4 Responses to Travelling the world, Imminent Rebellion 9

  1. Caron says:

    Hope you’re having a good time in Glasgow! Hope to see you at our regular stall on Buchanan Street on Saturday. :)

  2. Asher says:

    Won’t be there unfortunately, leaving Glasgow tomorrow morning….was at the Unity benefit gig tonight though which was fun :)

  3. Anarchy has been defamed in a really devlish way, anarchists were down and had no real self-confidence, had no clear imaginations about their own goals.

    That had changed in Germany very clear, because of the publishing about natural social-life and the real crimes of state and societey.

    German anarchists, both female and male, whether living in Austria or FRG, are united and self-confident now, and the only law which is really fixed for us means:

    “Mankind has to do what the righteous and reasonable ones among the WOMEN think is right, after the dispute of arguments, free and open for everyone, has come to an end, in small affairs, in large affairs, in everykind of affairs.”

    This time I have begun to write some words in English, too:

    It doesn´t work really perfectly, because my English ist not so good, those of You being able to read German language or using translating programs are asked to have also a look to

    The most important thing wie Anarchists in whole Germany have learnt in the last years means:

    Real community gives You Power!

    Winfried Sobottka, a speaker of most wonderful people in Germany, of the Anarchists!!!

  4. Darren says:

    Hey Asher, I’m currently in Lubeck, Germany… Back to Eire on Sunday, so feel free to email me at the above address.
    Love and Anarchy,

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