Wgtn Public Meeting & Fundraiser – After the quake: community responses in Christchurch

After the quake: community responses in Christchurch—— PLEASE FORWARD THIS THROUGH TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND OTHER NETWORKS ——

Public Meeting
7pm, Friday April 8th
Upstairs @ Thistle Hall (cnr Cuba and Arthur Streets), Wellington
Entry by koha

Following the devastating earthquake in Christchurch on February 22nd, a number of organisations sprung into action to help organise and coordinate support within the community. In many parts of Christchurch, aid and communication from Government and large NGOs was virtually non-existent for some time after the quake, and it was left up to pre-existing organisations, neighbours, families and friendship networks to ensure that people were able to access the resources and information they needed.

3 speakers will be talking about some of the work that went on in the period immediately after the earthquake, and on some of the challenges facing Christchurch residents over the coming months.

Allister D from Beyond Resistance will talk about the work that his group was involved with in the Linwood and Avonside suburbs, providing food, water and gas to hard-hit communities. He will also talk about likely challenges that working class communities will face during the rebuilding phase.

Matt Jones from Unite Union will discuss the situation for workers in Christchurch. After the earthquake in September, Unite organised protests to pressure employers who were refusing to pay workers. Now, many thousands of people are out of work in Christchurch (some temporarily, others permanently) and Matt will talk about the issues they face.

Ros Houghton from Women’s Refuge will explain some of the challenges faced by Women’s Refuge in Christchurch after the earthquake, in which much of their local resources were destroyed. She will talk about the work that Refuge is doing to support women and children who have affected by sharp increase in domestic violence since the earthquake.

There will be a raffle with prizes and cake for sale so please bring money to donate.

All funds raised will be split 50/50 between the Christchurch Women’s Refuge Earthquake Appeal and Beyond Resistance, whose callouts for funds were the driving force behind the organising of this meeting.

The venue is BYO so feel free to bring a drink for yourself, but please respect the speakers.

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3 Responses to Wgtn Public Meeting & Fundraiser – After the quake: community responses in Christchurch

  1. DG. says:

    Unrelated: I just received a copy of the statement about Omar that was sent around, and was wondering if you knew why it hadn’t been (as far as I can tell) publicly posted anywhere on the internet. I know Omar and have previously considered him a comrade; naturally, I’m extremely disturbed by the reports of his activity last year, but I only heard about it for the first time very recently.

  2. Asher says:

    Hi DG (who are you, out of interest? email me if you don’t want to post it here),

    Basically, it wasn’t posted online because none of us involved in writing/sending it thought it was worth the drain of having to deal with the inevitable fuckton of ridiculous comments (eg – if it had been posted on Indymedia, or someone’s personal blog). If someone wanted to take that step of dealing with it though, I doubt any of us would have any problem with that – after all, as we said in the letter, “This statement is not confidential. We encourage people to forward this e-mail to anyone who has or will come into contact with Omar, or who is interested in this issue”.

    We tried to send it to every individual and group that we could think of that he was likely to come into contact with, but no doubt we missed some!

  3. DG. says:

    Nobody whose name you’d know, I’d imagine.

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