Anarchia zine

Anarchia, in addition to being the title of this blog, is also the title of my zine. It contains a mix of things I put on this blog, some new writing and photos I’ve taken. The zine is available below in .pdf format.

To get hardcopies (if you can’t scam printing yourself) or for more detail, email anarchiazine[at]gmail[dot].com. Copies should be available in infoshops around Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australia (email me if you’re part of an infoshop that wants to get on the mailing list for new issues). Issue 2 can be ordered online at Katipo Books, who will mail it anywhere in the world.

Feel free to distribute it as widely as possible, and if your local infoshop wants to stock it, thats fantastic (also, let me know, so I can track how far around the globe it makes it).

Anarchia Issue 1, May 2006

Anarchia Issue 2, December 2007

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