Quiet time over

December 14, 2006

So, this blog has been quiet of late. Why? Well, I’ve been in Melbourne.

While I was there, I participated in protests against the G20 Conference, and also did a spot of forest blockading in East Gippsland.

Won’t say any more for now, but if you want to know more about the G20 and what went down, I can highly reccomend A Rush And A Push, a collaborative blog that’s been set up to try to expand on thoughts that began with A Space Outside (a conference prior to the G20) and during the G20 itself.

Normal blogging will resume shortly.

Wellington demo in solidarity with people of Oaxaca

October 31, 2006

Around a dozen people went to the Mexican embassy in Wellington on Monday 30th October to express their disgust at the murder of four people in Oaxaca over the weekend and the continuing repression targeted at the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).


The dozen people taped a poster reading “MURDER, RAPE, TORTURE ON YOUR CONSCIENCE” to the glass door of the Embassy, made lots of noise with drums and demanded to get inside, but the Embassy staff kept the doors locked and all but two remained in the lobby.

As those in the lobby decided to leave, the two people inside the embassy attempted to join them, but embassy staff refused to unlock the door until Police arrived.

Around 10 police officers then proceeded to take the details of the two activists inside the embassy and one who had remained in the lobby (a Mexican citizen), before issuing them with verbal trespass notices effective for two years and allowing them to leave.


For more, see Aotearoa Indymedia or Global Indymedia. Or join irc.indymedia.org channel #radioappo for live translation of the APPO radio station broadcasting from Oaxaca.

Fascists chased out of Wellington

October 21, 2006

From Aotearoa Indymedia:

Over 100 anti-fascist protesters chased approximately 20 members of the fascist National Front out of Wellington today when they attempted to hold a rally at the Cenotaph.

The day started when Steve Larsen and George Walters, two members of another fascist group, New Right, were spotted across the road taking photos as antifa were gathering. A group of approximately 12 antifa went over to let them know that their presence was not welcome, and they were soon forced to run away.

The National Front, attempting to hold their third annual rally, had hoped to hold it at the Cenotaph next to Parliament, but anti-fascist activists had already occupied the area, blocking entrances with banners and setting up barricades with large plastic road barriers which were found nearby.

Upon arrival, the Police removed the barricades and attempted to move the antifa off the Cenotaph, but the high number of antifa compared to police meant they soon gave up. Upon arrival, the National Front were redirected by Police to Parliament, where they were surrounded by a ring of police.

Over 100 antifa soon followed up the hill to Parliament, repeatedly forcing the police lines back towards the fascists. Sid Wilson, National Front fuhrer, attempted to read a similar speech to the previous two years but was drowned out by chants of “Follow your leader, shoot yourself!”, “National Front, Nazi fascists!”, “More hair than brains”, “Twenty members nationwide”, “No room for racism/fascism”, “Run, run, Nazi scum!”, “Nazi scum your time has come” and more.

One antifa was arrested for assault at Parliament, but was later released and his charge withdrawn, after spending an hour sitting handcuffed in a paddy wagon.

After a short time, the National Front were forced to leave down the hill, where they were surrounded by antifa, harassed and pelted with dumpstered bagels and other projectiles. This continued all the way to Wellington railway station, where antifa again pushed through the police line trying to keep us out of the station so the fascists could escape.

The fascists ran onto a train, which soon took them to the Hutt, where they are staying at Top 10 Hutt Park Holiday Park, the same location they have used for the previous two years.

You can call Hutt Park Holiday Park on 0800 488 872 or email info@huttpark.co.nz and accom@huttpark.co.nz to let them know how you feel about them hosting fascists.


Locked Out – Won’t Shut Up!

September 7, 2006

I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday up in Auckland hanging out at the picket of the Mangere distribution centre by striking workers who have been locked out by Progressive Enterprises, who own Foodtown, Woolworths, Countdown, Fresh Choice and Super Value supermarkets. Workers in Palmerston North and Christchurch have also been locked out.


The workers were nothing short of inspirational – this is the first strike action they have taken on this job, after anything up to 17 years of working there! The community support is massive – upwards of 90% of cars that drive past (and it’s a very busy road) are tooting and yelling messages of support.


Meanwhile, Progressive continue to spread lies – many of their stores have giant posters claiming the worker’s demands for fair pay and working conditions would be “bad for New Zealand”. They have paid for full page ads in daily newspapers, and they are paying scabs double the normal rate. Despite this, they are being hit hard – an analyst in the NZ Herald claimed the first 10 days of strike action could have cost Progressive up to 15% of their annual profit. Shelves in Progressive owned supermarkets are steadily being emptied and restocking is only happening on a small scale.


The striking workers need your support. You can make donations by ringing 0900 LOCK OUT ($20 automatic donation) or by deposit to BNZ 02-0200-0217968-00, account name National Distribution Union with the reference “Lock Out”. Alternatively, credit card donations can be made on the Shelf Respect campaign website.

Things are getting messier steadily – yesterday, three people were arrested in Lower Hutt trying to stop trucks getting into a makeshift distribution centre, while I have just recieved word that 8 (or possibly 10) people were just arrested at the Mangere distribution centre for trying to stop scab trucks from getting in. If you can, get to one of the distribution centre pickets, or join flying pickets of supermarkets.

For more information and up to date coverage, see the Shelf Respect campaign site, Aotearoa Indymedia or the Aucklands Burning blog (where the photos in this post are from).


Photos from a demo outside MAF

July 28, 2006

From Aotearoa Indymedia:

Animal rights activists protested outside the Ministry of Agriculture offices in Wellington today. The protest was a reaction to the news that Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton is overruling parliamentary legal advice and supporting the use of battery cages.

While it was a small protest called without much notice, it seemed to really upset the Ministry of Agriculture, who seemed offended that we named and shamed David Bayvel of MAF. Several MAF staff came out and took photos and video film of protesters and scuttled back behind the police when challenged.

Despite overwhelming public opposition, Minister of Agriculture, Jim Anderton, has yet again interfered with the democratic process to protect
the profits of the egg industry.

Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee recently ruled that battery cages do not comply with the Animal Welfare Act, and they must be phased out over time. Jim Anderton has overruled the committee and says he will ignore their advice, ignore science, and ignore public opinion. Instead he defends the cruel egg industry and will allow them to continue cramming birds into tiny cages for their entire lives.

Protesters said today “It’s time we stopped tolerating these spineless apologists for the animal abuse industries. Jim Anderton and the rest of the Labour led government have done nothing to help these animals, despite overwhelming public opposition to factory farming for years. The faceless bureaucrats at the Ministry of Agriculture who advise the Minister are also to blame. People like David Bayvel, Director of Animal Welfare at MAF, who hasn’t done a thing for animals since he got the job”.

If you want to really help animals, forget the politicians, forget lobbying, and help us to hit the industry where it hurts – in the pocket.
Boycott battery eggs and get involved in our campaign to expose and disrupt factory farming!

And here’s some photos I took at the demo:









Photos from Wellington 90 day bill rally

July 28, 2006

Here’s some photos and a short video I took at the Wellington rally against Wayne Mapp’s proposed 90 day no rights for workers bill. Reports on the rally and activities in other parts of the country can be found on Aotearoa Indymedia.

Click here to view a short video of cleaners from the Clean Start campaign drumming before the rally.





















And I’m off again

February 10, 2006

So, just after I get back, I’m heading off again. Going back down South for another month, most of which I’ll be spending in Happy Valley.

In the meantime, enjoy a press release that I wrote today:

Kiwi Spotted In Midland Park

Over 100 inflatable kiwi were released in Midland Park at 12 noon on Friday, February 10th by members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition (Wellington). The kiwi were then dragged away and moved by “Solid Energy miners”.

The release highlighted the plight of up to 145 kiwi that live in the Upper Waimangaroa Valley, on the West Coast of the South Island that are threatened by state owned enterprise Solid Energy’s plans to create open cast coal mines throughout the Valley.

Save Happy Valley Coalition (Wellington) spokesperson Timothy Bailey said “While the pain suffered by the inflatable kiwi may not have been real, the destruction that Solid Energy aims to wreak cannot be laughed off so easily.”

“The proposed Cypress Mine in Happy Valley must be stopped. The lives of Great spotted kiwi (roa), the Powelliphanta Patrickensis giant carnivorous land snail and a number of other rare and endangered species are at stake. Solid Energy’s poor environmental record belies their claims that they can be trusted to minimise the undeniable impact that their proposed mine will have.”

Members of the Save Happy Valley Coalition from all over the country are currently taking part in an occupation of the proposed mine site.


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