More photos from my trip

August 20, 2008

Here’s a bunch more shots from various parts of my trip :)

First up, a nice sunset (it looked better in person, but oh well) from Stepney Green in London, where I stayed for most of the time I was there. A couple of days before I left, I realised that one street over from where I was staying was Jubilee St, where, in the early 1900s, the Jewish anarchists in London (plus Rudolf Rocker) had a club where they held meetings, social events etc. Also within a few minutes walk was Cable St, site of the anti-fascist demonstration in 1936. The whole area I stayed in was surrounded by endless bits of radical history, which was fucking cool.

Next up, a bunch of shots from my day trip to the Acropolis in Athens. Once again, the history geek in me was loving it!

Next, a bit of graffiti that made me smile from Tel Aviv, Israel.

The following few photos were taken at an old crusader fortress (and surrounding village) in Herzliyya, in Israel. The site had been used prior to the crusaders by others including Persians. There was still quite a bit standing, or which had been excavated, was quite interesting (and stunning views up and down the coast).

In the following photo from the fortress itself, the left foreground was the ovens, the right foreground the kitchen basins (with plaster inlay) and the dome-topped thing in the middle of the background was storage for grain.

I don’t really know why, but I found the following sign absolutely hilarious, and had to take a photo…

Next up, 3 bits of graffiti (not all the most intelligent work!) from the walls of South Tel Aviv (very near to Salon Mazal, the anarchist infoshop/cafe).

Last of all, a crazy fucking bug. Oddly, the first thing I thought when I saw it (other than “I have to get a photo of this”) was “Holy shit, that reminds me of a V advertisment!”.

Some photos from my trip – London, Athens and Tel Aviv

August 15, 2008

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to posting, things have been somewhat hectic recently. Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos I’ve taken so far during my trip, on my brand new second hand cellphone’s camera. Sweet.

This one (and the next 3 closeups) is from an outside wall of Freedom, in London. The home of Freedom Bookshop, Freedom Press and, of course, Freedom the newspaper. The project was in collaboration with the art gallery next store, and consists of images of a whole bunch of anarchists (and proto-anarchists) from history. Following that is a pic of the door to Freedom itself, including a stencil of Wildcat, an anarchist comic character. I interviewed Donald Rooum, the creator of the cartoon, for over an hour while in London :)

Next up, some photos from Athens. These were all taken on the walk from Monastiraki up towards the Acropolis (photos of that will be uploaded in the next few days). It was fucking hot, but the view from the top was definately worth it. Anyway, as with everywhere I went in Athens, there was plenty of political graffiti. Some of it was fairly ugly, just tagging etc, and lots of it I didn’t understand (as I don’t speak Greek), but some I liked and took photos of :)

Lastly, the night that I flew out of Athens, I spent a few hours in Exarchia, which is a “reclaimed neighbourhood” – a bunch of streets where heaps of anarchists and other lefties live, and cops aren’t welcome. The walls were coated thickly with graffiti and posters for demos, soli work for prisoners etc etc, was pretty cool. Then when I left to go catch a bus to the airport, I noticed that at the edges of Exarchia, there were young (some looked like 15, but must’ve been older) cops in full riot gear at every corner – apparently, thats normal, to ensure that Exarchia doesn’t spread, and also for training the young cops – the older ones go to the demos/riots, but the young ones learn the trade at the borders…bizarre! The following photos are from the doors in the toilets in a bar I went to, where I was served by an anarchist bartender.

Lastly, off to Israel, where I currently am. While in Tel Aviv, I took a few photos of bits of graffiti/stencil art there.

This one is a stencil of the founder of political Zionism, Theodore Herzl. The Hebrew text below translates to “Don’t want, don’t need…” This is a piece of slang in Hebrew that is said when someone offers you something you don’t want – in the case of this stencil, referring to the Israeli state itself.

This stencil is about Ahmed Mousa, a 10 year old child murdered recently in the West Bank town of Ni’ilin by the Israeli army during a demonstration by Palestinians, Israelis and internationals against the separation wall. More info about Ahmed and the demo (inc photos) can be found on the Anarchists Against The Wall website.

A slightly older stencil to finish it off, this one is from last year, the 40th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights. It says “occupation” in Hebrew, Arabic and English below the number 40, followed by an unreadable date (I think?) and website.

Photos from a demo outside MAF

July 28, 2006

From Aotearoa Indymedia:

Animal rights activists protested outside the Ministry of Agriculture offices in Wellington today. The protest was a reaction to the news that Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton is overruling parliamentary legal advice and supporting the use of battery cages.

While it was a small protest called without much notice, it seemed to really upset the Ministry of Agriculture, who seemed offended that we named and shamed David Bayvel of MAF. Several MAF staff came out and took photos and video film of protesters and scuttled back behind the police when challenged.

Despite overwhelming public opposition, Minister of Agriculture, Jim Anderton, has yet again interfered with the democratic process to protect
the profits of the egg industry.

Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee recently ruled that battery cages do not comply with the Animal Welfare Act, and they must be phased out over time. Jim Anderton has overruled the committee and says he will ignore their advice, ignore science, and ignore public opinion. Instead he defends the cruel egg industry and will allow them to continue cramming birds into tiny cages for their entire lives.

Protesters said today “It’s time we stopped tolerating these spineless apologists for the animal abuse industries. Jim Anderton and the rest of the Labour led government have done nothing to help these animals, despite overwhelming public opposition to factory farming for years. The faceless bureaucrats at the Ministry of Agriculture who advise the Minister are also to blame. People like David Bayvel, Director of Animal Welfare at MAF, who hasn’t done a thing for animals since he got the job”.

If you want to really help animals, forget the politicians, forget lobbying, and help us to hit the industry where it hurts – in the pocket.
Boycott battery eggs and get involved in our campaign to expose and disrupt factory farming!

And here’s some photos I took at the demo:









Photos from Wellington 90 day bill rally

July 28, 2006

Here’s some photos and a short video I took at the Wellington rally against Wayne Mapp’s proposed 90 day no rights for workers bill. Reports on the rally and activities in other parts of the country can be found on Aotearoa Indymedia.

Click here to view a short video of cleaners from the Clean Start campaign drumming before the rally.





















New Years Trip

June 6, 2006

So, yesterday, I finally managed to get three things into the same place that had been eluding each other for quite some time – my camera, it's USB cable and a computer. So, I've now been able to get a whole lot of photos off my camera and onto here. Here's some from a trip I took with friends over New Years. We visited Pelorus, Motueka, Marahau (where we spent New Years eve) and a few spots in between. Thanks to all the great drivers that picked us up, especially the big yellow school bus – I still have the postcard you gave us.







Random Photos

March 29, 2006

So, while flicking through some of my old photos, I figured I'd pick 10 of the ones that made me smile to chuck up on here. From various times and various places in various parts of the world (ask in comments if you want to know specifics…)











Bypass Tour

April 26, 2005

A tour of destruction: the Wellington City Bypass.

On a related note, their will be a tour of this area as part of the May Day Weekend events – leaving from Kensington Gardens (in between Kensington St and Victoria St) at 11am this Saturday.

There’s lots happening this weekend – for more infomation, visit the Wellington May Day Website.


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